How to play 'Harmonize'

*This page is translated by Google Translate.*

Let's start with the simplest "Octaves".

Click the first button that is unlocked.

When you come to the game screen, you will hear chords first.

Let's listen to that chord once more. Please remember this chord well.

Let's try to make the chords.

First, click around the middle of the screen.

The sound is heard while touching your finger on the screen.

Please move your finger upwards as it is.

Did the pitch change?

The pitch is fixed for one sound. The other sound can change the pitch according to the movement of the finger.

Let's listen to the correct chord again.

Move your finger up and down again to approach the pitch of the correct chord.

If you can make the same sound as the correct chord, click on the red button and check the results.

It is perfect if the balloon flew.

The closer the value of "CENT" is to 0, the more perfect.

By pressing the button, you can listen to the previous chord. You can press buttons at the same time.

The above is a brief explanation.

Let's challenge problems other than octaves when you get used to it.